The Four “Circuits” to creating success in your life…

By Brett Gilliland


We all want to be successful – it’s getting there that’s the challenge. I find it’s helpful to first begin with defining your success and making your definition holistic. Consider more than financial independence. Think about marriage, health, family, free time, friends etc. Once you have a working definition for success you can move onto how to get there.

In my journey of serving clients and wealth advisors and helping them achieve financial independence over the last 16 years there are some critical best practices that have been the foundation of our success. I call it, The Circuit of Success.  Why The Circuit?  Because like a lightbulb, if one of these “circuits” is missing then it is much harder to achieve your success and your lightbulb will burn out quickly.  Let’s now look at how The Circuit of Success operates and how to build it into your life.



We all have a choice every morning when we get up.  We can choose to be a victor or a victim.  That choice, in my opinion, is the biggest decision you will have to make all day.  I can choose to be a victor by thinking about how I am going to accomplish my goals today.  It doesn’t mean tough things don’t come your way because they will.  It’s how you decide to deal with those “things” that come your way.  Will some days be easier than others…yes…but trust me when I say how you deal with it matters (victor or victim).  I always tell people that your attitude decides where you go and your discipline decides how fast you get there.  I am going to choose being a victor everyday because I know that the alternative is to decide how I am not going to hit my goals.  I truly believe this is key to every human’s success or lack there of.  How many successful (you define success) people do you know that have a terrible attitude?



The second pillar is what do you believe?  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you believe in your processes at work?  Do you believe in the product that you represent? Do you believe in personal growth?  Do you believe in goal setting AND goal tracking?  I can’t tell you what to believe but I can tell you that you have to stand for something!  Whether you are a doctor, an executive or a parent, your audience wants to know what you believe in.  So my second pillar is simply…believe strongly in what and who you are.



I always like talking about the activities that people choose to participate in daily.  A good friend of mine talks about becoming-the-best-version-of-yourself. Are your daily activities helping you to become-the-best-version-of-yourself?  If you want to accomplish something big and exciting in your life then your daily habits better be in line with whatever that goal is.  For example, if you want to have a better work life balance then your daily activities need to be aligned.  Everyone that works in our firm knows that family comes first.  I personally have an amazing wife and 4 “high energy” boys that I am dedicated to being home for every night for dinner and at all school and sports activities.  One could easily choose to run a firm and not be there or one can choose the right activities.  I have decided to align myself with the best team possible to make our dreams a reality.  We can’t accomplish everything on our own.  I choose to have a great team and a color coordinated calendar that tells me everything about my day (even when to drive home).  Don’t settle for it just being tough to accomplish.  Figure out how to make it possible with an activity plan and then have the discipline to follow the plan.



Lastly, it truly comes down to results.  Whether it’s a sports team or a board room results matter.  As you get the results you desire it will help mold your next vision.  I have found that the more successful one becomes with their attitude, belief, and activity the bigger their results become.  But, just because you are getting the results doesn’t mean you stop pushing for excellence.  I once asked a friend who played in the major leagues what the hardest thing was about getting to the majors and he responded with, “staying in the majors.”  It’s not just during the season we have to work hard and train hard.  A life full of success is a constant commitment to become-the-best-version-of-yourself.

I leave you with this…as I said earlier, good things will happen, so-so things will happen, and some bad things will happen.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  Nobody is immune from that fact.  At the end of the day, those who choose to show up everyday with a passion for whatever it is they want to accomplish in their life and has a greater vision then the person doubting them will win in the end.  Give Big to others…Pay it forward…Be a Visionary…Give credit where credit is due…you can accomplish big goals!